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photo by Jim Dugan I was out for a sunrise walk in Rockland. The water was glassy, reflecting just the right mixture of clouds and sky. Then a lobster boat went by, throwing up a perfect wake. As I was photographing, a cormorant (locally called “shag”) surfaced.

The Point Is

photos by Jessica Ives Editor’s note: One last visit to the point and a foggy farewell kiss before heading west to Bend, Oregon for the next year. The Maine’s community of contributors will continue their artful dialogue about the wonders of the state — and from a distance I may contribute about the state of wonder. What does […]

It’s Been A Ferry Good Week

photographs by Shannon Thompson


 first photograph by Aaron Gerth second photograph by Jonathan Ives Brim of my hat got coated in ice this morning while shoveling the drive. Winter must be here… +++

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