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Former Florida Man

overheard in portland Older lady, to group of people at bus stop: “Well, I lived in Florida once, and I wasn’t so crazy about it…” Older man, interrupting loudly: “I lived in Florida for two years, and I hated every single minute of it!” (Overheard at the bus stop in front of the Back Cove […]

Hurricane Sandy

 video by Restless Collective  We headed to Boston to ride out Hurricane Sandy on Monday with Mo’s grandmother who lives on the ocean, and we thought we’d share some photographs we made during the storm. Video above produced by Morrigan McCarthy. Music: 10 Mile Stereo by Beach House. Edited by Morrigan McCarthy.

Ambassador From Maine

painting by Jessica Stammen My painting, Looking Out, is a long distance traveler. It just returned home to me and to Maine after spending two years in Banjul, The Gambia. The US Ambassador there selected it to hang in her office as part of the US Department of States Art In Embassies program. (More information on the […]

The Geography Of Youth

text by Jessica Stammen photographs by Restless Collective Recently I received a postcard from Wales. Did you know that there is a couple from Maine bicycling across the country WORLD interviewing and photographing 20-somethings from all walks of life? Mo and Alan, 20-somethings themselves, funded a large part of their brilliantly inspiring and ambitious project The […]

Slack Tide

text by Megan Bedford photograph by Justin Gove “The lobsters have… claws?” Our waiter, David, assumed the look of a person who had been informed that Monday was officially being relocated to the weekend. Yes, we three Mainers nodded vigorously, our lobsters have claws. I helped him do the math – your lobster, times three. […]

Maine And Costa Rica In Photos

photo diptychs by Justin Gove Just back from a visit to Costa Rica. Now home it’s hard not to think of our trip without comparison to our life here in Maine. Funny thing, the two are more similar than different, particularly when you look at the best parts of each. Editors note: View Justin’s diptychs […]

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