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poem by Dave Morrison I should not come to this day empty-handed, If a poem is a song I will clear my throat, If a poem is a painting I will try to find a subject that interests someone besides me, If a poem is an inheritance then I will sit in the lawyer’s waiting […]

Healing Song

poem by Dave Morrison How can I sing with this broken throat, this burned mouth? How can I sing when I drag through the days, wanting only sleep? Very quietly. Every day I will hum notes of gratitude for everything that works and everything that does not hurt and then one day, without even noticing […]


poem by Dave Morrison Note from Dave: Dear Friends, two treatments to go. While I’m not out of the woods yet and have plenty of healing to do, I still feel as if I’ve stuck my finger in the socket of gratitude. This is the most difficult thing I’ve ever had to go through, and I have felt […]


poem by Dave Morrison Note from Dave: Friends, I am being given so much help and care from so many people that it makes me dizzy with gratitude. I offer this poem as small thanks. Joy What makes me want to throw myself at your feet? I am no longer broken to that degree, not desperate […]

Mishara Music

text and invitation by Dave Morrison Good Morning Friends and Neighbors! Have you had a chance to check out the new (#6!) Mishara Music Sampler? No? Well, here’s your chance. Mishara Music is a small but mighty (think Atom Ant) label based in Camden, Maine dedicated to singer/songwriters of the highest order, with an emphasis on storytelling.  Marc Ratner was […]

Day 1

poem by Dave Morrison Editor’s note: This poem is reposted from Dave’s Facebook feed. It was accompanied by his note: “Friends, Today is Day 1 of Course 1 (chemo & radiation).” Day 1 is a poem from Dave’s book, Brand New Day, published by JukeBooks in 2007. Day 1 I woke up on Day 1 and held my […]

Shake Hands With Your Heart

poem by Dave Morrison, included in his new collection of poems,  Shake Hands With Your Heart, coming out this week Every time it felt like too much, every time her thoughts shouted over each other, every time the gears of her mind or the grasping of her heart made her feel weary and bruised she would say […]


poem by Dave Morrison, included in his new collection of poems,  Shake Hands With Your Heart, coming out this month My college roommate was from King of Prussia Pennsylvania – he fell in love with a Business Ethics major from Truth or Consequences New Mexico. Now they live in Hell For Certain Kentucky where they are Civil […]

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