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photograph and text by Steve Vose The son’s strokes are inexperienced. The father whispers instruction and the paddle digs deeply into the gin-clear waters. The child smiles as the kayak slides effortlessly across the glass calm lake. A brilliant sun crests the horizon, igniting the morning sky. The man having seen a thousand sunrises relishes […]

Free An ATV With The “Z”

photographs and text by Steve Vose The hour was late and in attempting to hurry back to camp, I inadvertently misjudged my ATV’s ability to successfully navigate a sizeable mud filled obstruction and was immediately and hopelessly mired. Having suffered through multiple back operations and lacking a wench, I was in the middle of contemplating […]

Stay Warm And Comfortable Fly Fishing This Spring

photograph and text by Steve Vose After long months of inactivity, anglers anxious to fly fish open waters would be well served to make a pilgrimage to Grand Lake Stream (Delorme’s The Maine Atlas and Gazetteer (MAG), Map 35, B-4). Open April 1st to fly fishing only, hoards of anglers descend upon the stream, drunk […]

Ice Fishing At Kid Only Ponds!

photograph and text by Steve Vose By March, many of the hardwaters of the state have begun slowly returning to their liquid state. This change comes with the longer days of sunlight and temperature that creep well up into the proximity of down right balmy. By March’s end, many favorite fishing spots will be unsafe […]

A Kick In The Pants!

photographs and text by Steve Vose It was a long, cold and unforgiving Maine winter, like the kind they had in the days before global warming and Gore-Tex. This calamity of unusual weather weighed heavily on my psyche and was further compounded by my inability to pursue my passion for ice fishing due to a back […]

Never Again Have Frozen Fingers

text by Steve Vose Mind numbing cold, fueled by a bitter north wind, tears at my body in the predawn light. The motor on my ice auger coughs and sputters like a two pack a day smoker trying desperately to pull oxygen from the air. Obscenities spew forth from my frozen mouth but are quickly […]

“Man Shirts” By Duluth Trading Company

text by Steve Vose Duluth flannel is the quintessential fabric of choice for outdoorsmen, mountain men and mullet sporting rednecks across the entire face of the planet. Whether camped out on the Alaskan tundra, chopping firewood in the remote wilds of Maine, or climbing the north face of Mt. Everest, you are sure to find flannel […]

Mount Katahdin Hike Reflections

video, photographs, and text by Steve Vose “Man is born to die, his works are short lived. Buildings crumble, monuments decay. Wealth vanishes, but Katahdin in all it’s glory, forever shall remain the mountain of the people of Maine.” – Percival P. Baxter “If you have to ask why men climbs mountains, you will never understand […]

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