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Beat Mud Season and Blackflies with Armachillo

photographs and text by Steve Vose The fine folks at Duluth Trading Company have gone and done it again, creating yet another fantastic product. This latest creation is a microscopic jade embedded, ultralight weight wicking fabric that actually lowers skin temperature! The clothing containing this space age technology, that I do not even attempt to comprehend, comes […]

Spring Turkey Season 2013

photographs and text by Steve Vose Spring Turkey Season was a lot of fun this year and I was fortunate enough to harvest two nice birds. The first a 20 pounder with a 9 inch beard and 1 inch spurs, shot on May 4th. The second bird was a 14.5 pounder with a 9.5 inch beard […]

Last Minute Ice Fishing

text by Steve Vose photographs by Kate Sfeir By March, winter’s icy grip on Washington County begins slowly loosening and snow covered landscapes begin springing back to life. This final conclusion, at the end of a long cold winter, always seems to renew my passion to get back into the wilds. Historically warmer days and longer […]

Boot Fetish

photographs and text by Steve Vose Maine regular firearms season on deer, barely pushed the mercury low enough to warrant the through testing of my new Irish Setter 800 “Mt. Claw-King Toe” boots. However, by the arrival of Christmas, we were thrust into the deep freeze and the balmy days of November were quickly distant memories. […]

Advent, Day 8: Wild Crow Motorcycle Tour

Dear readers, Join The Maine for an adventure a day, each day of this advent season — big or small, by land or sea, with friends or solo, in image or word, exuberant or contemplative, real or conceptual. We live in a state of wonder, its wide open spaces anticipating our hope and joy. It’s day eight and […]

Sportsman’s Christmas Wishlist 2012

by Steve Vose Shopping for the Rabid Outdoorsman on your Christmas list is never an easy task. These individuals seem to have every gadget and piece of outdoor related equipment imaginable. Then when you finally do manage to miraculously find them something they like, they complain that you spent too much money on them and […]

Outdoor Cooking

text by Steve Vose I offer a word of caution when working around open flames. Be sure to have a fire extinguisher, water hose and shovel handy should the flames escape the pit. Carefully remove any hazards that may cause an individual to trip or fall in the pit area. Wear fire retardant clothing that […]

A Rabid Maine Insider

Congratulations to the Rabid Outdoorsman, Steve Vose, for being named a “Maine Insider” by the Maine Department of Tourism. The MDOT’s new campaign aims to promote tourism and small business in the state of Maine by featuring and providing access to native experts passionate (or even Rabid!) about the state of Maine. Rabid spent two and a […]

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