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And The Fog Rolled In

photographs, painting, and text by Ingrid Ellison Personally, I love the fog, it takes me back to my very early childhood, having spent many a day stuck on a boat with my family  waiting for the fog to lift. While we sat on our mooring, my brother and I would pretend to be puppies on […]

Cathy Sherrill, The Opera House Director

video by Peter Southwick Cathy Sherrill arrived at the Boothbay Harbor Opera House as a volunteer and has stayed on to become executive director.

The Harbor

photographs and text by Christopher A. Stanley Once as I was watching the lobster boats at Shaw’s Wharf in New Harbor, I saw a small boat come in carrying a father and son who had been out lobster hauling together.  The boy, probably about ten years old, was dressed in the same orange waders as […]

SEWBIZE Kathy Stanley

photograph and text by Karen O. Zimmermann Showbiz was not in Kathy Stanley’s mind when she created this combination of letters for her vanity plate. The owner of two fabric and sewing stores, and with over 100 miles between the two, she is just sooo busy. And, of course, she sews. But with a seemingly […]

The Famous Bet Of Bet’s Fish Fry

video by Peter Southwick Bet Finocchiaro has sold fried fish (no lobster rolls!!) in Boothbay for more than twenty years.

Monitoring The Islands With MITA

photographs and text by Jim Dugan The Maine Island Trail Association cares for — and provides access to — over 200 islands and mainland sites on the Maine coast. MITA’s mission is dual: stewardship and access. During the summer, a dedicated group of volunteer “Monitor Skippers” keeps regular tabs on the islands. The skippers drive […]

Back to the beach

photographs by Jim Dugan who has been photographing the same beach for over 20 years.

Indigo Girls

photographs and experiment by Jess Smith and Trelawney O’Brien When you become bored with your pants, take them off and dunk them in indigo. This is what happens when you accidentally get indigo inside your glove. Blue hand and blueberry tea. Mug by Austin Smith.

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