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The Point Is

photos by Jessica Ives Editor’s note: One last visit to the point and a foggy farewell kiss before heading west to Bend, Oregon for the next year. The Maine’s community of contributors will continue their artful dialogue about the wonders of the state — and from a distance I may contribute about the state of wonder. What does […]

Black Is Made By Mixing All The Colors

paintings for sale by Jessica Ives What’s better than Black Friday? A week of color! Starting today and running through Wednesday the 26th, all paintings on my online store are available for half price. It’s my Thanks-For-Everything sale. I’m pretty darn grateful for all the folks who support me and allow me to pursue my passion […]

Heaven At One Painter’s Hand

paintings, photographs, and text by Jessica Ives Painting is a matter of getting out to nature and having some joy in registering it. If you are not going to get a thrill, how can you give someone else one? Charles Hawthorne + Do you see this photo? I love it, but that doesn’t mean you […]

“Maine: Work & Play Opens At Bowdoin’s Smith Student Union, March 4th

an invitation from Tuesday 207 contributor Jessica Ives (formerly Jessica Stammen) BRUNSWICK, February 24, 2014 — In “Maine: Work & Play” Jessica Ives (formerly Jessica Stammen) explores the interior and exterior landscapes where she lives, works, and plays. Over thirty works will comprise the exhibit. The artist will be present to speak about her work at […]

Learning To Stay, To Climb, To Practice

paintings and text by Jessica Stammen On this day last year I was driving home, winding the opposite direction of downeast, traveling up-west along the coast of Maine from Acadia to Camden. Three days of adventuring in the national park with a crew of designers, marketers, and athletes from Northface had my body buzzing and […]

A Sunday Swim

paintings and text by Jessica Stammen I have a Sunday habit like a swimmer who always returns to shore. I was raised Catholic. Habits die hard. My particular habit became more catholic in college when I enrolled in a World Religions course and when I wound up in the student group at an Episcopal church […]

On Memory, Missing, And Loving

paintings and text by Jessica Stammen I have two brothers. I miss them; but I love them more. One brother lives in Austin, Texas with his wife. The other lives on Whidbey Island, in the Puget Sound; he flies a jet for a living and can chase down the earth’s horizon faster than the sun. […]

Line By Line

photograph by Jessica Stammen Photo captured while walking Megunticook Lake at the beginning of the snowpocalypse, reflecting with each soft careful step on the words of Maine’s poet laureate, Wesley McNair.   “Every artist’s awareness comes out of a general sense of imperfection and the condition of brokenness. The world is a broken place, and we […]

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