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Category: Wood Meets Water

Schooner Time

photography by Jim Dugan Jim sails on the schooner Mary Day every year. Here are a few pictures from this summer.

Pilings, Fog, Wake

photos by Jim Dugan I take morning walks with my camera. One foggy morning, I shot these pilings for like the thousandth time. And then thought: This will be even better when the sun tries to poke through. So I went and got a bagel and coffee and came back and waited. The sun came […]

Lobster for a Crowd

video by Jim Dugan

The Great Schooner Race 2015

Rockland Photographer Jim Dugan hitched a ride on the schooner Mary Day for the Great Schooner Race on July 3.

How To Make A Sign

with Megan Lillie at The Carpenter’s Boat Shop photographs by Jonathan Ives

Building A Catspaw Dinghy

photographs by Jonathan Ives for The Carpenter’s Boat Shop

Home Grown Shapes: Wooden Surfboards Of Maine

 exhibit curated by Kurt Spurdikus at the Maine Maritime Museum In the last decade, the building of hollow wooden surfboards has taken off, especially in Maine which boasts the world’s largest wooden surfboard company and many individuals who design and build their own. Individuals who build surfboards are commonly called shapers. Homegrown Shapes: Wooden Surfboards […]

Mary Day Crew

photographs and text by Jim Dugan The folks who pull on the strings and keep the schooner Mary Day running smooth. They are all my heroes. My primary regret is that I didn’t get a good picture of the cook. Soon.

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