Color In Winter

course offering with Jessica Stammen at Sweet Tree Arts

sweet tree

Sweet Tree Arts will be hosting two six-week courses with painter and The Maine’s “Tuesday 207” contributor Jessica Stammen. The course will begin to explore the phenomenon of color theory through the teachings and hands-on challenges developed by color pioneer, Josef Albers. Jessica has taught this same course at the Farnsworth Art Museum and at the Camden Rockport Middle School for the past six years. Last year she began documenting the class for The Maine in her “An Eye For Color” column. Join the fun! Register here.

This is a class about your eye. It is about opening up your eye so it no longer receives color information passively — throw your old color wheel out the window!

Color is tricky; it is surprising, relative, elusive, deceptive, and ever-changing. And by color I mean the color you see, which is not necessarily (or not limited to) color as you might mix with paint or any other medium. In fact, we will not be using paint at all! Our primary material will be ColorAid paper and with it we will create optical illusions and surprising compositions to explore the visual phenomenon of color.

By the end of the first class you will find that even a palette of 314 colors is not nearly enough for you! We will work by trial and error approach, naturally experiencing “Ah-ha!” moments. Through observation and articulation we will cultivate these moments and create a more aware, more refined, and more joyful eye for color.

Two course offerings, both start January 23rd:

Thursdays 3:30-5pm, ages 12+ (adults welcome to join)
Thursdays 6-8pm for ages 16+ (high schoolers welcome to join)

$150  + materials fee of $40
(fee may drop depending on enrollment numbers)