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Marm & Pa

Spring in Maine. Time to plant gardens, and, best of all, launch boats. We’ve seen quite a few pass by outside our office windows on the way to various midcoast launching ramps. Owners of existing boats are getting them ready, either sanding and painting themselves, or “supervising” work at a nearby yard and writing the checks that help keep our maritime economy humming.

Some owners are getting ready to take possession of brand, spanking new boats. An invitation to the launching of a new 46-foot wooden lobsterboat at Johns Bay Boat Shop in South Bristol reminded us of this wonderful photo taken by Red Boutillier of the April 1973 launching of the “Marm and Pa” at Carter Boats near Waldoboro. The family reference in the lobsterboat’s name seems appropriate because, as this photo shows, sometimes it takes a family, a whole community actually, to float a boat.

The photo comes from the Boutilier collection of the Penobscot Marine Museum in Searsport. They have a wonderful online archive of many more great shots of boats. You can check them out at