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Jessica Ives – Editor of The Maine, The Outsider, An Eye For Color Grew up hiking, camping, biking, swimming and fishing.  Went to school in New York City to study art and play on a men’s basketball team. Came home to Maine one summer to decide what to do upon post-grad return to New York, but after running up mountains and jumping in lakes decided not to go back at all.  Still lives in the Midcoast, makes art and manages a small business. Admittedly doesn’t play much basketball, but does train for crazy-distance swims.

Jonathan Ives – Editor’s Consultant, The Captain’s Log Jonathan works as an instructor teaching wooden boat building to 10 apprentices during the school year at The Carpenter’s Boat Shop in Pemaquid. During the summer months he is the captain of a 60 foot passenger ferry that runs out of New Harbor. He enjoys Snowboarding, Pond Hockey, Playing music and Contra Dancing. He and his wife Jessica live in downtown Damariscotta.


Megan Bedford – Culinary Landscape Megan’s mother told her at an early age that “food is love,” and she took the sentiment to heart. Having written food and drink features while living in Boston, she could not be happier to have returned to her home state to discover its culinary wonders with her husband, Justin. Megan holds an MFA in Creative Writing from Emerson College.

Jim Dugan – Mainely Daily, Wood Meets Water Jim Dugan is photographer and web designer in Rockland. He has kayaked most of the coast between Portland and Schoodic, with a few solo trips to Monhegan. He teaches photography aboard the schooner Mary Day for one week every summer.

Gregory Dunham – Mainely Daily, Wood Meets Water

J.P. Fecteau – Mainely Daily J.P. first came to the Camden/Rockport area at 17 to take the Young Photographer’s Workshop at the Maine Photographic Workshops in 1981. Having put his camera down for almost twenty years, his passion for photography was reawakened this past April when a group of friends asked him to participate in a year long one-a-day photo project. He particularly enjoys photographs that include reflections in water and windows.

Doug Felton – Mainely Daily

Jesse Gillespie – Untitled For Jesse, art making is more physically intuitive than intellectual.  Like a dancer, his body often understands the music before his mind does.  Most of the effort is spent trying to stay out of his own way and in letting whatever wants to happen, happen.  Only later, with distance, are patterns, symbols or meanings sometimes recognized.  Ideas come later, feelings come first.

Justin Gove – Mainely Daily, Stories & Profiles Justin is an environmental engineer who first picked up a camera as a creative release from his often overly calculating life. Photography has enabled him to express a deep appreciation of the visual aesthetic, as well as capture a few brief moments of the adventures he shares with his wife, Megan.

Jo Ellen Designs – 21 Main, Styl-list

Sharon Kitchens – Master Shots: Darkroom Conversations, Birds & Bees

Le Bouton Studio – Styl-list

Kristen Lindquist – Book Of Days A native Mainer, Kristen still marvels at how her life has progressed from an MFA in poetry at the University of Oregon to development director of Coastal Mountains Land Trust, a regional nonprofit serving western Penobscot Bay. She continues to nurture her creative side with a (somewhat) daily haiku blog, a monthly column The Natural World in the Herald Gazette, and occasional freelance work. A passionate birder, she loves to explore Maine (especially Monhegan) with her husband Paul Doiron.

Tony Oppersdorff – Jaunts and The Unfamiliar Nearby A couple of years ago Tony began a practice of sharing a single image taken that day with a small group of friends. This ‘observed meditation’ has become immensely gratifying. Often this practice rewards him with a satisfying image, but the process is really its own reward. At its center is an instant when time stands still and nothing else matters. He complements this with writing, a happy combination.  A year after moving to Maine in 1976 Tony bought a little house on a pond to avoid paying rent… and has never left. He enjoys many contemplations, among them: natural history, hunting with a camera, sailing wooden boats, riding a motorcycle on country roads, reading, birding and, most importantly, his family and friends.  He is the co-author of Best Nature Sites: Midcoast Maine.

Colin Page – Maine Sprout

Emily Qualey – EQ

Margaret Rizzio – Dear Maine A postcard a day keeps the doctor away and helps Margaret stay connected to the people and places she loves. Mail reminds her of Maine, the place where she was born and raised; she thinks they both have a beautiful nostalgic nature about them. At Bennington College, and now at SUNY Purchase where she is pursuing her MFA, they call Margaret the ambassador of Maine. At a “rep your state” themed party she dressed up as a giant Poland Spring bottle.

Rockport Marine – Wood Meets Water

Kyrill Schabert – Jaunts and The Unfamiliar Nearby Having fulfilled a longtime desire to emigrate here—from away, of course—Kyrill and his partner, Susan, inhabit a south-facing slope in Jefferson and subsist as locally as possible. With writer-photographer Tony Oppersdorff, he recently co-produced the popular book Best Nature Sites of MidCoast Maine, the culmination of two years of field work at 40 preserves from Brunswick to Belfast, letting natural history be their guide along the way. They also had lots of help along the way from many contributors, including Kristen Linquist and Brian Willson whose works appear in The Maine.

Lacy Simmons – The Book I’m Not Reading

Gregory Stammen – The Gentleman

Ten High Street – Styl-listMainely Daily

Shannon Thompson – Free For The Taking Shannon is an avid generalist who dabbles in things and has never had a five-year plan. Likes to spend time behind a camera, on a bike, on a yoga mat, in the water, on the road, in the gym, in another country, under the stars, in the desert, in the garden, in a tent, on skates, in the classroom, inside a book, and in the kitchen. Sells real estate, teaches aqua fitness classes, and is headed for nursing school.

Thorfinn Adventures & Atlantic Climbing School – Get Out Go Wild

Tons Of Land

Simon van der Ven – Hands, Heart and Head As a resident artist at Anderson Ranch Simon was given all of 40 words to sum up his life and work.  He writes: “I follow these threads through my life: Making things, cooking, drawing, sailing, teaching, being a father. I have never let go of the stage in which I learn from my fingertips inward. From here on, it’s a matter of refinement.” More work from his hands, heart and head can be viewed at Van der Ven Studios.

Steve Vose – Rabid Outdoorsman Steve is a Registered Maine Guide, outdoor writer, blogger, photographer and lover of Maine’s woods and waters. Through his writing, he shares hunting, fishing & general sporting information with others passionate about the great outdoors. When able to find time in his hectic schedule, he even manages to do a little bit of guiding, where he takes great pride in introducing others to the rugged beauty of the Maine wilderness.

Brian Willson – Maine Bird Report A former radio and print journalist now concentrating on writing and type design. Besides being a media junky, is also an avid birder who writes the blog Bird Report.

David Wright – Sky Above Sea Below, Mainely Daily

Karen Zimmermann – From The Creek


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