Curtis Island Swim

photographs and text by Jessica Stammen
swim by Tyler Evans, Lianne McCluskey, Cloe Squibb and Jessica Stammen
boat support by Jory Squibb

Sunday. Sun. Wind. Quite a bit of wind, actually. Laite Beach. Low tide. Wetsuit or no wetsuit? Catching breath. Breath. Stroke. Smiles – must take photo. Harbor crossing. Island. Following buoys. Spots of color to one side, waves and granite to other. Breath. Noonday light on pines. Lighthouse. Laughs. Then out of the Lee. Around the other side. Chop. Salt. Yellow kayaks. Cross back to shore. Wind. So much wind. Then seaweed. So much seaweed! Smiles. Beach back in sight. Sand. Sun. Warm towels. Hot tea. Higher tide. Water spots. Watermelon.