Double Vision

photographs and text by John Ames

©John Ames

Cleaning Our Windows

We all have to do this occasionally don’t we? Step back, slow down and scrub off the misguided beliefs that cling to our psyches like barnacles. It becomes high time to get rid of the grime of outdated prejudices and cut back the creeping tentacles of self-doubt.

All this takes work and certainly doesn’t come easily. Usually some real pain or psychological trauma forces it upon us.

Tough as cleaning our windows always is; once done, the sun shines brighter and we see people and events with more clarity.

All these improvements are good for a while but, sadly they never last and there will come a time when we will have to do it all over again.

That’s life. There’s no way around it.


©John Ames

The Goddamn “Window”

As photographers we all have to contend with “windows”. Not only is one in front of us, affecting what we see but one is also in front of whoever looks at the pictures we take.

What is this window? It’s the intellectual and emotional conditioning all humans walk around with. What we see, think and feel about a subject may be totally different from what that subject means to our viewers.

The best photographs are those that somehow manage to bring together the human the clicks the shutter and the human that sees the result with a minimum of distortion from all of our goddamn “windows”.