Dreams And Synchronicity

text and haiku by Kristen Lindquist

This one’s a bit arcane. Last night I dreamed I was editing a document for my director. He had a word in the document, “nouses,” that I questioned him about. I thought he was trying to write the plural of the French word “nous” or “we.” Remember, this is a dream, so the fact that that doesn’t make sense is beside the point. We ended up agreeing that it should be “nouveaux,” which also makes no sense. Shortly thereafter I woke up with these strange words echoing in my head.

After my morning ablutions, I checked my email. I’m signed up for wordsmith.org’s A.Word.A.Day. Each week has a different theme, and in honor of the new year, this week’s theme is words that begin with the “new” sound. Yesterday’s word was “numinous,” and today’s was “noosphere,” which means “the sum of human knowledge, thought, and culture.” I realized as I read today’s entry that although I hadn’t taken much note of yesterday’s word or the week’s word theme, something had clearly registered in my subconscious. And thus I dream about nouses and nouveaux and awaken to noosphere, a delightful synchronicity of sounds to wrap my mind around.

Each dream, the mind’s new–
blank slate for the noosphere
to noodle anew.