Egg Laying Chickens

photographs and text by Sharon Kitchens

The eggs have arrived!  After 21 plus weeks just as I was beginning to wonder would these ladies actually lay eggs, they did – well some of them anyway. I actually saw one of the Australorps lay an egg this morning! Plunk and it was there…and in the nesting box not the run – where I’ve been finding eggs for the past week.

I fried some up and they are so good, so worth all the work. Supermarket eggs don’t even compare (and I would not recommend buying them, I haven’t for years). It’s important to know where your food comes from and the fact that I have such a personal connection to these eggs is big to me.

Editor’s note: Sharon is documenting her entire Birds & Bees experience on her blog Delicious Musings and The Maine is pleased to repost some of her adventures and mis-adventures in raising chickens and keeping bees for the first time. See the original post here.