Fishbox Guitar

originally posted by J.P Fecteau for Ducktrap River Of Maine

We received the following photo and story from a loyal Ducktrap River customer who loves our products and is also musician!  We thought you would enjoy this:

“I used to work in upstate New York as a seafood manager and would get your delicious products sometimes packed in a wooden box. I kept a couple and last year turned them into guitars. Here’s a picture of the one I am learning to play. I’m married with 4 kids and a kindergarten teacher for 4 years. I used to play in a blues band Deep Blue Storm that was voted 2nd place twice in a local blues competition in upstate New York. I got away from that scene to become a worship leader at Good Ground Family Church in Cohoes, NY. The neck of the guitar is wood from the pews that I recycled during the remodeling of our sanctuary at the church! My latest project is starting a Christian Blues band called the Agape Blues Company and I can’t wait to play this guitar at our gigs. It has a terrific sound (must be the fine materials)! Thanks for all the great seafood (and the cool boxes)!”

-Scott, Schenectady, NY