text and poem by Kristen Lindquist

Since childhood I’ve had recurring nightmares about water–rogue waves about to carry me under, storms creating waves so high they creep up over the bank and across the lawn to carry away my grandparents’ house, roads or paths flooded and impassable so I’m stranded with water all around me… You’d think that since I’m a water sign, a Pisces, I’d have a better subconscious relationship with water. But no.

So when I was looking at photos this morning of the flooding and destruction caused by Sandy in New Jersey and New York–cars completely submerged on city streets, houses surrounded by waves, impossibly high waves crashing over sea walls onto shorefront houses, commuter tunnels filled to the top with water–it was like seeing my worst dreams come to life. The images produced such a visceral reaction in me, I had to stop looking. My heart goes out to those people for whom such images are not just bad dreams but reality. And as I listen to the rain fall–nothing torrential, no high winds–I am tremendously grateful to have had it so easy here on the Maine coast, and that all those I love are safe.

It all washes away
so easily.