Fresh Catch

paintings and text by Colin Page

©Colin Page

Now that things are slowing down in my schedule, I’ve finally found time to do some fun still life projects I’ve been kicking around for a while. I thought it would be fun to paint fish as part of a tablescape. The first challenge was finding some whole fish. It turns out it’s hard to find a fish that hasn’t already been processed and fileted. Jess’s Market in Rockland came through for me and had some John Dory for me. It’s a beautiful silvery fish that reflects all kinds of color. Before working with it on a larger painting, I decided to paint a smaller piece. This one is 20×24″ and was a blast to paint, even if the subject got a bit smelly. The fish went into the freezer, ready to pose another day.


©Colin Page

The fish came out of the freezer to pose for me again recently. This time I looked at some old master still lifes with fish, and noticed an interesting theme. There were quite a few with sliced lemons. The lemons add a nice splash of color, and also help cut through the smell of raw fish sitting under warm lights. Lemons help, but only a little. This painting is 48×30.”  I hope to work with these two little fishies again sometime, so back into the freezer they went.