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interview by The Geography Of Youth

Editor’s note: We’re happy to feature interviews with Millenial Mainer’s in support of what could become the largest participatory portrait of a generation, ever. Find the link to contribute your story below.


Name: Jessica.

Age: 32.

I am from: Maine, mostly.

I currently live in: Midcoast Maine.

I currently live with: Myself.

Level of education completed: Grad School.

Occupation: Artist.

Do you consider yourself an adult? Depends on what is meant by adult.

If not, when do you think you will become an adult? Impossible to know until after it has happened.

If so, when did you become an adult? I can still out-20 most 20-somethings.

10 years from now I see myself: Still having more books on my reading list than 20 lives would allow me time to enjoy.

How likely do you think it is that you will eventually get what you want out of life? The answer to this question is always up to me, moment by moment. Do I have what I want out of life now? Yes.

What is the biggest concern in your life right now? Reconciling my vocation as an artist with my profession as an artist, making as few compromises as possible.


The Geography of Youth is a participatory public art project designed to promote dialogue within communities about the Millennial generation. It began in 2011 with photographers Morrigan McCarthy and Alan Winslow traveling the world to photograph and interview Millennials. Now anyone between the ages of 18-32 can visit The Geography of Youth’s tumbler and add their own story to the project by answering twelve questions and submitting a self portrait. In 2014 all the stories and portraits will be combined into an art show projected onto walls and buildings all over the planet. The more stories, the better the final public art show will be…so what are you waiting for? Share your story and become a part of the largest participatory portrait of a generation ever!

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