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text (adapted from) Grain Surfboards, photos by Nick LaVecchia

Since we started building surfboards, what we’ve enjoyed most is the pure joy that people get when they get to see their board or surf it for the first time. In the last few years, there’s been a real shift taking place. Wood boards are seeing a resurgence, but more importantly, people are taking back the thrill of making their own boards just as the forefathers of modern-day surfing did right up through the nineteen-fifties.

There are an increasing number of resources offering ways to build surfboards in the garage as god intended. When we first developed our HomeGrown Kits even more exciting than the idea of more people surfing wood, was the notion that we could help people get the same satisfaction that we get every time we build a board. There are rewards that you take away from the experience that far exceed any dollars-and-cents considerations.

We get a lot of emails from builders about how much they’ve enjoyed building their kit and how much they learned from the process. But we’ve also found that for certain people, HomeGrown Kits can seem a little too challenging or time consuming.

We thought about doing something for those who want to feel the pride and satisfaction of surfing a board they made themselves, but don’t yet believe they’re ready to start from scratch. So that’s why we decided to offer wood surfboard blanks in selected sizes. We build the board – the owner get the satisfaction of trimming, shaping, sanding and glassing it – all the owner needs is a shaping stand and a few tools.

Grain Surfboards also offers wooden surfboard building classes right in our shop in York, Maine. Students learn alongside the same builders that craft our custom wooden surfboards from locally grown, sustainable white cedar. By the end of a Grain class, each student will walk away with their own hand-built, wooden surfboard.

2011 Scheduled Classes
Nov 14- 20 2010…… Last available class for 2010, sign up now!
Feb 6- 12 …… Any Kit
April 10- 16 …. Any Kit
May 8- 14 …….. Any Kit
June 3- 5 …….. 3- Day Board Blitz
June 19- 25……. Any Kit
July 17- 23 …… Any Kit
Aug 5- 7 …….. 3- Day Board Blitz
Aug 21- 27 …. Any Kit
Sept 8- 10 …. Alaia class with Jon Wegener
Sept 11 …. Handplane class with Cyrus Sutton
Sept 18- 24 …. Any Kit
Oct 9- 15 …. Any Kit
Nov 6- 12 …. Any Kit

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