inspiration by Happier Outside

Happier Outside

Have you ever practiced Grounding?

Maybe you have, and you didn’t call it that. It’s the delicious practice of taking your shoes off outside and standing with your feet firmly planted on the earth. It can be in dirt, in sand, in a pile of leaf litter… Better done off the pavement, but if that’s all you’ve got where you are, stand on the cracks.

Breathe deeply. Close your eyes. Feel the earthbeneath your feet. Tap into it. Use your imagination. Trust whatever emerges. If it’s cynicism, let it float by you. If it’s a bit scary, let that float by you too. Wait til you get a glimmer of peace and connection. The more you practice this, the quicker the peacefulness comes.

You can do this on your lunch break. Before work. After you get off the bus, in the local park. You could get your kids to do it with you. 

Use it as a break from whatever craziness or stressfulness your day holds…

Stand. Breathe. Feel. Smile.