Hands, Heart & Head

porcelain vessels and text by Siem van der Ven

porcelain, 5"h x 6"w x 7"l, cone 6 oxidation,  $1200

Our annual Midcoast  Artists and Artisans Open Studio Tour is taking place this weekend, July 26 through 28. Keep an eye out for the bright pink signs. Go to artisanstour.org for a map and more information. Please stop by to visit, browse, ask questions, and add to your collection. Of course, there will be cookies.

Also please check out my studio website. Yes, I know it’s due for an overhaul, but in the meantime, lots of new work has just been added. If you look carefully, I think you’ll see evidence of evolution, if not revolution. The stacking teardrop cups, Illuminated Cardiocephalicyte (above), and Exuvia I and II are a few examples of what’s come out of my Anderson Ranch experience. And the Bellven bowls… what a joy. These are the result of a continuing collaboration with the masterful Blue Hill potter Mark Bell. See if you can find the piece (not a Bellven bowl) that is a direct descendant of this collaborative work. Please let me know what you think, and hope to see you this weekend!