Honeybee Update

photographs and text by Sharon Kitchens


A few photographs from the super quick hive check.






What you are seeing:

Honeybees can eat through their food stores (honey!) by early March if not sooner and will starve if not fed.  That’s where candyboards come in – a sugar syrup that is made into a fondant and sits inside the top of the hive. The idea being if the bees eat their way to the top (through the frames of honey) there’s the board. I had to start feeding a couple hives beginning of February because of the warm fall (the bees were active = eating).

p.s. from Brown’s Bee Farm:
“Candy boards can be a messy job in the kitchen. Boiling, checking temperatures, getting it just right so it will set up solid in your board, then you also have to pour that hot sticky liquid and contain it so it doesn’t end up on thef loor. For years now I have used a simple method that doesn’t require cooking. I mix one ounce of water to each pound of sugar, this gets the sugar damp. I put this damp sugar in my candy boards which are made from equipment I already have in my apiary, no need to purchase a specially designed board or to boil sugar and water.”