Hoping For Apples

by Levi Christiansen and Jessica Stammen

This is the last weekend for pick-your-own apples at Hope Orchards. One of my favorite seasons is coming to an end. With the exception of last weekend when I drove to New York City in a car provisioned with Macouns picked the Sunday before, Levi and I have been to the orchard every weekend since September 9th. The season is appropriately sweet and tart; the pleasant wandering down rows of light and colorful leaves gets snapped off abruptly with the first frost. We are left with one more weekend gathering “keepers,” memories of the past season of ripeness stored up over the winter for the hope of seasons to come.

From Hope Orchards:¬†October 17 to 21, we will have Golden and Red Delicious, Russet, Baldwin, and Northern Spy. Regarding Russets, there is a unique little following for this cider apple, which is also good for drying. There are folks who swear this is the best keeper apple. Cider will be pressed on Friday, with some pear in it, and apples that have met the frost – they’re sweet! Apple Butter Weekend, on Saturday and Sunday, means there will be samples to taste, and recipes to share. This is our last weekend for Pick Your Own.

Consider a trip to Hope Orchards this weekend to taste a Black Oxford. It is a the last variety to be picked, and is originally from Paris, Maine, dating back to 1790. While they have been in more than thier share of still life paintings due to beautiful wintry red color and shape, I find it fun and worthwhile to put a few by to chew on in the winter months. Chew is the key word here, this is the chewist apple I have ever eaten. Dare ya to come check it out!