poem by Dave Morrison

Lord I am
so small and
the world doesn’t
wait for me.

I am one person
in a remote place,
a single domino.

I am pushed and
pulled, but I do not
push, or pull.

I am not unhappy.
I am not
dissatisfied, in fact

there is comfort
in knowing that I am one
raindrop in the

rainy season. I am
not a clapper and
the world is not my bell.

Lord I want to be
humble, I think that there
is less suffering there.

Because on those days when
I feel the hard seed of a
diamond in my chest, when

I try to fight the amnesia
to remember what it was you
shouted to me, when I flex

forgotten muscles and feel the
raw strength there,
on those days Lord

I struggle.

Lonely Life of Spies (JukeBooks 2009)