Land Determines Your Livelihood

originally posted by Tons Of Land

Faithful Venture is a farm located in Searsmont Maine, a working class community fifteen miles inland from the upscale tourist region on the coast.  In 2001 Glendon was running a small dairy farm, was married, had three children, and had a full-time job as a state dairy inspector.  Today, he has four children, is divorced, has been laid off by the state and is milking cows full-time.  As a farmer, and a Mainer, Glendon holds strong beliefs about how to live your life, conduct your business and interact with family and friends.  He is living an existence that is now on the fringe of the American experience, where bartering is still the driving force behind commerce, entertainment comes in the form of storytelling, and land determines your livelihood.  There will be more work to do then time or money allows.  He starts and ends every single day by performing the chores that for many Americans are customs from another time. His attachment to this place is both physical and psychological. His children are being raised in a world of dichotomies, bouncing between households,  and between home school and public school.  Enveloped in a world that is continuing to shift underneath them, they straddle the line between contemporary culture and an idealized agrarian past.

land determines your livelihood.