Lost On A Mountain In Maine

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Nine days, eighty miles, one step at a time.
The inspiring true story of a young boy alone in the Maine woods.

During the summer of 1939, 12-year-old Donn Fendler was hiking Mount Katahdin, Maine’s tallest and most rugged mountain, when he was separated from his hiking party. Over the course of the next nine days Donn walked barefooted over eighty miles through the Maine woods, fighting to survive. This true story is the basis for the beloved children’s book “Lost On A Mountain In Maine”.

Ryan Cook and Derek Desmond are two filmmakers from Maine and New Hampshire, respectively. They grew up on the story of Donn Fendler and his epic nine day adventure on Mount Katahdin. They have been busy over the past two years taking Donn’s book,¬†Lost On A Mountain In Maine, and expanding it into a narrative feature film. While the book tells Donn’s side of the story and illuminates themes of hope, survival and the will to live, the filmmakers found much more to the tale. From their research of the extensive search effort made by ¬†local mill workers, to details brought out in conversation with Donn himself, they are creating a film that delves deeper into the events of those nine days.

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