Tuesday 207: Poetry Special

painting by Jessica Stammen
poem by Dave Morrison


About this painting: This week’s Tuesday 207 is published alongside Dave Morrison’s poem “Luna.” Tonight at the Camden Public Library Dave will be reading a selection of his works as part of Maine’s Poetry Express, a whistle-stop tour of readings of Maine poems by Maine people initiated and conducted by Maine’s Poet Laureate Wesley McNair. I’ve been hoping for the right opportunity to publish this little work; it seems the time is now. The poem and the painting make a good pair.


I go through
phases, like the
moon.  I can be
so full that I
think I rival the
sun, plagiarizing her
light, claiming
the night sky as
my stage.
But I can also
be reduced to a
sliver, a fingernail
clipping, giving no
more light than a
cat’s eye in a
distant headlight.
Full, empty.
A mover of
tides, or a covered
When full, anxious
of fading, when dark
jealous of light.
I sometimes think
I’d be better off as
a small steady star,
a pinprick exempt from
the pendulum of
But then I’d never
light the way for
someone lost, or
give lovers an
excuse for an act
of daring.
I need to embrace the
changeability of
being.  I need to be
grateful for my place
in the firmament.
I need to shine,
when I can.


Every Tuesday The Maine will post a new painting by Jessica Stammen. These small works, all 4 x 4 inches on cradled birchwood panels, will be concurrently listed for auction on dailypaintworks.com, a fantastic platform designed by artists, for artists. View the auction for this painting here or simply click on the image.

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Jessica is the editor of The Maine and writes occasionally as The Outsider.