Maine’s Wild Blueberry Harvest And Wyman’s Of Maine

photographs and text by Sharon Kitchens
for her blog, Delicious Musings

Box & Berries

Been catching up since getting back from Bar Harbor and finally finding the time to share the background on my coverage of Maine’s wild blueberry crop for The Portland Press Herald.

First up, a visit to Greg Bridges near Calais, Maine. Greg is a third generation wild blueberry farmer. Ever wonder about “wild” and “farmer” being in the same sentence? The crop is wild, but it requires management to be economically viable. It’s a different kind of maintenance than your usual farmer, because there is no planting and as best I understand irrigation along with most else comes from Mama nature. What man provides are the (additional) bees to pollinate the crop,  monitoring and minimizing of pests (ICM), and pruning by mowing (few if any still burn the fields).

Then a morning with Wyman’s of Maine, one of the largest wild blueberry growers and producers of frozen fruit in the world. If you ever have a chance to visit Maine’s wild blueberry barrens GO! It’s the craziest, out of this world experience. Thousands of nothing but wild blueberry bushes and then this little light blue village that looks like something out of a Smurfs episode or a sci-fi movie.

Boxes & Barrens

In my humble opinion, nothing beats eating the berries straight from Greg’s field or in the middle of winter those frozen gems from Wyman’s are DE-licious in smoothies and pies.

Have you ever been to the barrens? What is your favorite blueberry recipe?