Mishara Music

text and invitation by Dave Morrison

Good Morning Friends and Neighbors!

Have you had a chance to check out the new (#6!) Mishara Music Sampler? No? Well, here’s your chance.

Mishara Music is a small but mighty (think Atom Ant) label based in Camden, Maine dedicated to singer/songwriters of the highest order, with an emphasis on storytelling.  Marc Ratner was an old-school big-time radio and record guy who saw the business changing and wanted to create a new model for finding and presenting excellent young artists, and that’s what he’s done.

Recently he went out on a limb by signing an unknown middle-aged guy who doesn’t sing or write songs, but who has created a new musical hybrid for delivering poems – me. That sort of daring should be rewarded, don’t you think?

This free sampler is a way to expose folks to some of the Mishara artists, in hopes that you’ll want to hear more, and I think you will. Please check it out, and if you like it please share it. Thanks!

Mishara Music