poem by Dave Morrison


I should not come to this day

If a poem is a song I
will clear my throat,

If a poem is a painting I will try
to find a subject that
interests someone besides me,

If a poem is an inheritance then
I will sit in the lawyer’s waiting room,

If a poem is a fossil, then
I will fire up my backhoe,

If a poem is lightning I
have climbed to the roof with
a length of pipe,

If a poem is a beautiful woman I
have combed my hair and
put on a tie,

If a poem is rain I
have put out buckets and dishpans,

If a poem is a beautiful bird I
have strung fine net between the

If a poem is fire I
have kicked some crates into

If a poem is death I
have given everything

I may not know what it is, but
I am trying to be

from Sweet (JukeBooks 2006)