A few years ago Clio Berta was a student in my color theory class, Developing An Eye For Color. I remember when she told me she was going to be a rockstar. I believe her.

Hi! My name is Clio Berta. I am 16 and live on the coast of Maine. I began letting people know I was going to become a rockstar when I was six, and haven’t stopped trying to convince them since. I am older now and, much to my surprise, the transition between singing to Avril Lavigne through a hair brush and learning how to compose original music seriously went smoothly! The love of piano, singing, and creating music hasn’t left me, and I will always be working towards becoming a successful musician.

I have been playing piano since I was six, and could never help but sing. I began writing and recording original songs when I was eleven. I continue to write, collaborate occasionally, and perform.

Hear, see and read more at Clio’s website.