Sky Above, Sea Below

photograph by David Wright

Can you maybe talk a bit about how you worked in the editing of the photographs from which you made this final selection, and also about how you set about sequencing – with what sorts of ideas or priorities you had in mind? Did you work at a high volume of output, or very slowly, or some other way?

I put maybe 10 rolls of film through my camera over the course of September, October, and November 2010, the time period in which these photographs were made. I want each selected photograph to express it’s own feeling while not being dissimilar enough from the rest to make the series feel disjointed.

What sorts of things led you to photographing in this particular place, especially since in a way you disguise locations that you’ve clearly been drawn toward?

The ideas associated with running away and freedom, and the faux and true notions that come along with those ideas.

Does this series feel to you like one that you’re likely to revisit or extend at a later date? Do you think there’s space within it to add more?

Right now it has the feeling of coming to the end of a good book or poem.


The text above is taken from an interview of David Wright by Stanley at the Great Leap Sideways. To see the entire Sky Above, Sea Below series visit David’s website . The work can be viewed in person and purchased at Asymmetrick Arts in Rockland.