Smoking Seafood Is An Art

originally posted by J.P Fecteau for Ducktrap River Of Maine

Around 1979, Des Fitzgerald, the founder of Ducktrap River of Maine constructed his first smoke house, a small building about the size of an outhouse on his property along the Kendall Brook in Lincolnville. He buried an old wood stove in the ground of the smoke house and started smoking trout. Selling his trout to local markets, Des acheived a level of success that allowed him to buy his first real smoker in 1981. Over the years, a line of high quality, all natural, smoked seafood was developed using traditional European smoking methods. Some of these products were original to the food industry: to the best of our knowledge, we were the first company in the United States to smoke mussels.

Today, Ducktrap River of Maine has five commercial smokers (kilns) housed within its 45,000 square foot plant located in Belfast. Leo (pictured) is one of our master smokers, he has over 15 year’s experience working in Ducktrap’s smoke room. There are no timers on our smokers (imported from Europe, where smoking is an art); the products aren’t ready until Leo decides that the proper balance of smoke and moisture content have been reached.