Sportsman’s Christmas Wishlist 2012

by Steve Vose

Shopping for the Rabid Outdoorsman on your Christmas list is never an easy task. These individuals seem to have every gadget and piece of outdoor related equipment imaginable. Then when you finally do manage to miraculously find them something they like, they complain that you spent too much money on them and threaten to return it. If this sounds like anyone you might potentially know, then please look below for a few holiday suggestions for these curmudgeons.

Bear Hunting w/Eagle Mountain Guide Service: If you are looking for a that truly unique gift for that special someone, I can think of no present more thrilling or amazing than buying that person a Maine Fall Bear Hunt. Escape to the Maine wilderness, stay at a remote wilderness lodge, eat amazing food and have a chance at scoring a truly massive bruin . . . for most people this is a once in a life time opportunity. Imagine the excitement this Christmas as you tell your loved one that they are going this Fall on a Maine bear hunt! See more information in my Rabid Review of Eagle Mountain Guide Service.

Wassookeag Moccasins: Based out of the small town of Dexter, this small shop is responsible for creating a truly amazing assortment of handmade moccasins. Each pair of moccasins made with care by proprietor Mark Wintel. Available in a huge selection of configurations, styles and fits for both men and women, it is easy to find a pair that matches your every wanton desire. Wassookeag Moccasins are truly the Rolls Royce of footwear and from the first second you put them on, you are going to immediately understand what I am talking about. See more information in my Rabid Review of Wassookeag Moccasins.

Loring Indestructible Pack Baskets: Loring Pack Baskets is a small unassuming shop located just a stone’s throw from the Old Town Trading Post in Old Town, Maine. What the shop lacks in impressive size, it more than makes up for in the creation of a product big on quality and durability. If you are in the market for a pack basket and searching for a product that is indestructible, highly functional, comfortable and guaranteed to make you stand out slightly from the crowd, I strongly suggest dropping proprietor Wane Loring a line and ordering one of his indestructible pack baskets! See more information in my Rabid Review of Loring Pack Baskets.

Mule Hunting Clothing: “Mule Hunting Clothes” was founded more than 30 years ago and is the go to product for serious hunters. Puncture resistant, tear proof and waterproof, it would benefit a hunter, whether they pursued rabbit, coon, hog, deer, moose or squirrel. Even those who horseback ride, ice fish, ATV ride or snowmobile can benefit from these reliable and rugged bibs, pants, chaps and briar proof shirts. See more information in my Rabid Review of Mule Hunting Clothing.

Ammo Can Stove and Grill: What do you get when you take a regular old military ammo can and convert it into a full functioning heating and cooking wood stove? Just say the words abracadabra and magically you get a sweet, highly practical stove that is sure to serve as a great primary or back-up heating and cooking system, sure to be appreciated by any good survivalist. Don’t need something quite so complicated and a tad bit more portable? They check out the Ammo can grill kit, perfect for camping and tailgating! See more information in my Rabid Review of the ammo can grill.

Button Buck Clothing: For the junior hunters on your Christmas list you need to check out Button Buck Clothing! This small company is leading the charge, in this effort to support the introduction of women, novices and especially kids to our traditional outdoor pursuits. Their mission is to message, through their clothing, that hunting’s future is in our youth and must be protected! The company has a huge selection of hats and clothing but my favorites are their T-shirt’s and include: Food Chain Champion, Vegetables are for Deer and Deer Camp Guide. While obviously meant to be humorous, these shirts also send a powerful message that hunting and our other traditional outdoor pursuits are here to stay! See more information in my Rabid Review of the button buck products.

2010 Grand Laker Canoe: For that special someone on your Christmas wish list who truly has absolutely everything this gift would make you a super hero. Imagine the titanic smile on that special someone as the tour this summer around their favorite lake in a hand made Grand Lake Canoe . . . 19 ft 6 in, mahogany stern & deck, ash thwarts, gunnels, stems & keel, fiber glassed cedar planking, hand caned seats, traditional jade green marine paint. Built on the Sprague mold under direction of a master Grand Laker canoe builder. Built because it was a challenge. Used very little. Time to sell. Price includes trailer! Asking $3,999.00. This is a steal for a canoe of this quality! Calais, Maine

The Becoming an Outdoors-Woman program is co-sponsored by the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries & Wildlife and the Friends of Maine BOW. Becoming an Outdoors-Woman means becoming more competent, more confident and more aware. Through this program women are provided the opportunity to learn about the outdoors and  about themselves. Participation in these workshops has provided countless women with life changing experiences. To support the program and scholarships to participants they sell a selection of T-Shirts, Orange and Camouflage Hats, Water Bottles, Gift Cards and more. The order form can be found here.