Spring Turkey Season 2013

photographs and text by Steve Vose

20 pounder!

Spring Turkey Season was a lot of fun this year and I was fortunate enough to harvest two nice birds. The first a 20 pounder with a 9 inch beard and 1 inch spurs, shot on May 4th. The second bird was a 14.5 pounder with a 9.5 inch beard and 1/2 inch spurs shot May 11th.

Look at those spurs!

Long Beard Beauty

14.5 Pound Bird

Have you ever had to hike a couple miles out of the woods carrying a big Tom turkey over your shoulder? By the time you get back to the truck with your poultry prize, your wrist can feel like it was gnawed upon by rabid gray squirrels. Rather than suffer the wrath of carpal tunnel syndrome, this simple device can be constructed in minutes and greatly assist in transporting your turkey out of the woods.

Please see the short video here, detailing how with a short piece of 550 paracord and a piece of dowel or pcv pipe one can easily transform these simple items into a handy turkey carry lanyard.

Turkey carry lanyard coming right up