SUP Circumnavigation of Acadia

adventure by Thorfinn Expeditions

At 10:30 pm on July 3rd Thor Emory of Thorfinn Expeditions set off out of Bar Harbor on a standup paddle board, followed by support crew Hampton Kew. The goal? To circumnavigate Mount Desert Island!

Thorfinn Facebook update on July 3rd: Time for the war paint. Thor is shoving off from Bar Harbor around midnight to SUP attempt Mount Desert Island. Follow along after the sun comes up if he is still paddling (and paddling and paddling….). Fortunately there are plenty of road heads should he wave the white flag….

 At 2 am a pit stop at Pretty Marsh

Then sunrise off Bass Harbor Head

That tiny speck is Thor passing Otter Cliffs around 7am. 8 hrs 37min in!

Toward Great Head

Back in Bar Harbor by 8:19 am!

Thorfinn Facebook update on July 4th: Its done! I had an awesome time. Gorgeous night and morning. Final time 9 hrs 49 min. Subtract 30 min worth of breaks and 9 hrs 19 minutes worth of paddling. Special thanks to support team Hampton Kew, the current and the blessed southerly breeze thay pushed me along the final leg. Next up – Matinicus….