Swimming to Islesboro: Part Two

memo by the Maine Department of Transportation
text by Jessica Stammen
video by Jim Dugan

“As if swimming there were so preposterous.” This was my friend Shannon’s response to the MDOT spoof memo above. Yesterday The Huffington Post’s story, Maine Department of Transportaion Ad Making Fun Of Local Residents Accidentally Runs In Newspaper quotes the memo as stating that agency representatives would be “swimming in, if they miss the Quick Silver Water Taxi, on Tuesday evening, April 24, 2012, at 6:00 p.m., to listen, with fake sympathy, to stranded folks who missed the Ferry complain, receive dirty looks from the locals, and smell the sandbound fish, who missed the tide ride.”

I told Shannon I’d swim from Lincolnville to Islesboro with her again,¬†and with any of the agency representatives who miss the ferry, on one condition: onion rings would await us on the other side.

Swimming to Islesboro from Jim Dugan on Vimeo.

Two women swim across Penobscot Bay from Ducktrap Harbor, Lincolnville (on the mainland) to Grindle Point lighthouse on Islesboro. They are escorted by a kayak and a sailboat. The water is about 65 degrees. They wear wetsuits. It takes two hours to make the three-mile crossing.