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Planning Saturday Adventures

by Michelle Smith

Explore. Reveal.

inspiration via Happier Outside

Stop Right There

inspiration by Happier Outside

Snowshoeing With My Shadow

text by Maine Boats, Homes & Harbors editor Polly Saltonstall Years ago when I got my first pair of snowshoes I thought I would be able to dance across the top of snowy surfaces without sinking down. Not so. Snowshoeing through deep snow — however powdery — while easier than walking in boots, is still a sweaty slog. […]

We All Have Our Reasons: #589

A recent status update on facebook: I’m starting to name the snow banks around our driveway: Matterhorn, Eiger, McKinley….

Thank You, Pushaw Lake

text by Bill Buchholtz It’s snowing in Maine this evening. We’ve had one of the most remarkable runs on amazing ice in recent memory. More than one guy compared these days with the epic ice of Winnipesaukee in 2010. About a dozen or so boats chased the rare puff today in the calm before the storm. […]

Gear Drop-off And A Total Freakout

ironmantra by Shannon Thompson I can’t believe how scared I am. Holy shit. My anxiety is off the charts, and it’s over something that is actually of no consequence whatsoever. That’s the part that makes me laugh and keeps me relatively sane. It’s all so freaking absurd, really it is. I mean, COME ON. Yes, yes, […]

Ready To Go, Triathlon Tourism, & Hugging Some More Olympians

ironmantra by Shannon Thompson All packed. #organized #lakeplacid #holyshit ______ I’m a day or two early arriving at Lake Placid, and the athletes have not yet descended on the town. A band plays on the lakefront for a crowd of locals and normal-looking tourists. But the Olympic speed skating oval is full of Ironman tents, […]

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