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Indigo Girls

photographs and experiment by Jess Smith and Trelawney O’Brien When you become bored with your pants, take them off and dunk them in indigo. This is what happens when you accidentally get indigo inside your glove. Blue hand and blueberry tea. Mug by Austin Smith.

Mishara Music

text and invitation by Dave Morrison Good Morning Friends and Neighbors! Have you had a chance to check out the new (#6!) Mishara Music Sampler? No? Well, here’s your chance. Mishara Music is a small but mighty (think Atom Ant) label based in Camden, Maine dedicated to singer/songwriters of the highest order, with an emphasis on storytelling.  Marc Ratner was […]

“I paint to support my cello habit.”

photographs and text by John Ames Linden Frederick is a very successful artist whose painting sell for 50 to 70 thousand dollars in New York City and Los Angeles among other places. What makes this man even more unusual is that he LOVES to build cellos. Here is a link to some photos of a […]

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