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On Baking Bread (By One Who Can’t)

photographs and text by John Ames I’ve always thought of baking as a fussy, magical, messy kind of enterprise. Part math, part Merlin and part “how did all that stuff get on the floor”. I’ve occasionally tried baking myself with mixed results. (That assessment is a little generous.) When my boys were young I went […]

Dream Muffins With Rosemary

text by Megan Bedford photographs by Justin Gove I have no business inventing recipes for baked goods. I am an inexperienced and impatient baker, and my assets as a cook, such as an inclination to omit or improvise ingredients and eyeball measurements, frequently sabotage my efforts as a baker. Yet, I am about to present my own […]

Coconut Bunny Cake

text by Megan Bedford photographs by Justin Gove At the risk of turning this blog into the discount bin that appears at Walgreen’s after every major holiday (you know, the one filled with suddenly irrelevant candy canes, heart-shaped boxes, and Cadbury’s eggs) I am going to write about a dessert that I think transcends Easter […]

Our Daily Bread: A Day At Tinder Hearth

video by Farmrun An account of the breadmaking process at the Tinder Hearth Bakery in Brooksville. Bread is craft and art. It is a process, a meditation, an expression of knowledge, understanding and history. This is bread. Our Daily Bread: A Day At Tinder Hearth. from farmrun on Vimeo. Farmrun is the first dedicated agricultural […]

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