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Lobster for a Crowd

video by Jim Dugan

Tuesday 207: Illumintide

painting by Jessica Ives Without the sea, Acadia would be like a gem without a setting. Each headland, bay, and inlet reveals the majestic interface between sea and land…. The sea destroys and displaces, but it also builds. What the sea takes from one point on the coast may be added to another. With the irresistible energy […]

Back to the beach

photographs by Jim Dugan who has been photographing the same beach for over 20 years.

Find A Hole In The Beach

an excerpt from Maine Lingo: Boiled Owls, Billdads, & Wazzats by John Gould FIND A HOLE IN THE BEACH: To anchor in an emergency harbor because of storm or fog. To find a place to put up for the night when traveling; a motel.

Everyone Loves The Beach

Overheard In Portland Woman #1: “I can’t believe that she even dated someone who doesn’t like the beach.” Woman #2: “Does she really like going to the beach?” Woman #1: “EVERYONE LOVES THE BEACH.” Woman #2: “He doesn’t.” Woman #1: “That’s my point–he is the exception.” (Overheard by JR on Temple Street)

Maine Maritime Academy, Castine, Maine; August 4, 2014 (Beachcombing series No.79)

photographs and text by Jennifer Steen Booher The Maine State 420 Championships were in Castine last week (a 420 is a kind of sailboat), and my son was competing, so I spent a day on the waterfront, beachcombing and watching the races from afar. The day started out in the low 70s, cloudy and humid with a […]

Scarborough Beach Bounty

photograph by Justin Gove

Migrating Shorebirds

haiku and photographs by Kristen Lindquist Popham Beach State Park– the fisherman and I marvel at the sandpipers.

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