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Honeybee Update

photographs and text by Sharon Kitchens A few photographs from the super quick hive check. What you are seeing: Honeybees can eat through their food stores (honey!) by early March if not sooner and will starve if not fed.  That’s where candyboards come in – a sugar syrup that is made into a fondant and sits […]

First Hive Inspection 2013

photographs and text by Sharon Kitchens This past week I invited experience beekeeper Keith Kettelhut over to help me inspect my “miracle hive” as so appointed by Tony Jadczak, Maine’s apiarist, after surviving a bad Varroa mite infestation last winter. Kettelhut is a member of  Maine’s swarm team. Turns out my hive was about three weeks […]


photographs by Justin Gove Just introduced 10,000 new friends to our backyard:

Huffington Post: Meet 92-Year-Old Beekeeper Stan Brown

photograph and text by Sharon Kitchens My second piece for the Huffington Post can be read here. Find out about Maine’s oldest registered beekeeper Stan Brown. Check it out!

Birds & Bees: Q&A with Rowan Jacobsen

interview by Sharon Kitchens Rowan Jacobsen is the James Beard Award-winning author of A Geography of Oysters: The Connoisseur’s Guide to Oyster Eating in North America, Fruitless Fall: The Collapse of the Honey Bee and the Coming Agricultural Crisis, and The Living Shore, about our ancient connection to estuaries and their potential to heal the oceans. He has written for the New York […]

Birds & Bees: Bee Pride

photographs and text by Sharon Kitchens This past Saturday I ventured on a mini road trip to pick up my beekeeping equipment and supplies from Bee Pride in Lebanon, ME.  Owners Peggy and Brian have been incredibly helpful and calming during my intro to beekeeping, explaining what I need (what I don’t), which hat and veil […]

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