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We All Have Our Reasons: #26

Did you know that the North American Wife Carrying Competition takes place every year at Sunday River? 

Community Supported

kickstarter by Strong Brewing Company Support Strong Brewing Company on Kickstarter here – 5 days to go!

Strong Brew

kickstarter video by Strong Brewing Company We know it’s Maine Maple Sunday, but in the absence of any known Community Supported Sugaring Operations (correct us if we’re wrong) we bring you Strong Brew, a Community Supported Brewery! Support Strong Brewing Company on Kickstarter here – 23 days to go!

We All Have Our Reasons: #21

Recently Overheard in Portland:   Hipster 1: “Why doesn’t LL Bean brew beer?” Hipster 2: “Yeah, that would be really popular…” Hipster 1: “But I guess we know how it would taste–like a boot.” (Overheard by AW at Hilltop Coffee Shop)

Maine Farmland Trust