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Following The Kansas Road

photographs and text by Karen Zimmerman It is Kansas Road, not Yellow Brick, which takes us to another world. Dorothy followed the yellow brick road and landed in Oz. We stuck bikes on our car and found ourselves on Kansas Road, light years from Otter Creek. Every year we go to a smelt fry in […]

The Geography Of Youth

text by Jessica Stammen photographs by Restless Collective Recently I received a postcard from Wales. Did you know that there is a couple from Maine bicycling across the country WORLD interviewing and photographing 20-somethings from all walks of life? Mo and Alan, 20-somethings themselves, funded a large part of their brilliantly inspiring and ambitious project The […]

Sweet Routine

text and photographs by Brian Willson In conversation with a friend today, I was reminded that I tend to be a man of routine. I’ve had the same breakfast pretty much every day for years. I’ve ridden my bicycle pretty much every dry day for the last two-three seasons. I’ve hiked Beech Hill with my […]

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