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We All Have Our Reasons: #967

Snowstorm facbebook status: So we went to aid the older man who was flailing in the snow next to the walkway he had been shoveling on my street. A cardiac emergency? What happened?! “Are you ok?” “Oh yes. Just making a snow angel.”  Happy blizzard, everyone.

The Week In Weather

photographs by Jane Kurko

Build Your Own Igloo Party

text and video by Megan Bedford photographs by Megan Bedford and Justin Gove To build an igloo you really only need two things: a shovel, and a bunch of snow. Add candles, cocktails, and friends to create a classic igloo party, and a magical way to spend a Maine winter evening. Here’s how we built […]

Tuesday Tune

photograph, video, and text by Brian Willson I’ve written about the species before, but the appearance of a golden-crowned kinglet out back of my place at the height of the February 9th blizzard got me thinking again about this tiny year-round bird. Midday Saturday, while doing a little emergency snow-shoveling on my back deck, I […]

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