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Tuesday 207: Hardy & Harbor

painting by Jessica Ives This weekend the Hardy Boat will start running ferry service from New Harbor to Monhegan for the 2015 season. I’ll be one of the first on board, making the trip to drop off paintings at the island’s Lupine Gallery. My husband will be a captain on the boat again this summer. As a freshman in high […]


photograph by Jonathan Ives

Ice Not Out

photograph by Jamie Bloomquist

Long Pond MDI, No Foolin’

text and photographs by Bill Buchholtz What magic there is in the beauty of a distant unknown lake. The five of us today had never been on Long Pond MDI before, so the vistas were fresh and awesome. There are three arms to this lake. The launch is at the top of one, another one parallels […]

Maine Boatbuilders Show 2015

photographs by Jamie Bloomquist

Crossing The Bar

text by Jonathan Ives The semi dory bounced in the chop as I slowed the boat and raised the outboard. I was in a foot of water and could clearly see the ocean floor all around my boat. I lunged for the spare oar and tried to paddle against the cold northwest wind, but it […]


photographs by Jonathan Ives

Hmmm, those three boats look a little different today

photograph by The Carpenter’s Boat Shop

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