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How To Make A Sign

with Megan Lillie at The Carpenter’s Boat Shop photographs by Jonathan Ives

Building A Catspaw Dinghy

photographs by Jonathan Ives for The Carpenter’s Boat Shop


photograph by Jonathan Ives

Tuesday 207: On Guard(rail)

painting by Jessica Ives A guardrail protects all the hard work of a boatbuilder. It is the last piece of wood to be fastened onto a Monhegan Skiff, but it will be the first piece to bump, rub, or scrape against a dock or another dinghy once it’s launched. The guardrail here is the last and most satisfying task for this new apprentice to finish before […]

Corner & Ribs

photograph by Jonathan Ives


photograph by Jonathan Ives

Ice Not Out

photograph by Jamie Bloomquist

The Spruce

text by Jonathan Ives My mind races as I sit silently with my hands folded in my lap. All around me in a circle twenty others bow their heads reverently. A violent wind shakes the building, causing me to look out the window. A winter storm hit our area over the weekend and forced me and my […]

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