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“Damn it…NOT before breakfast.”

photograph by John Ames The lament of a photographer’s wife.

Marion Cunningham’s Breakfast Apple Pie

photograph and text by Sharon Kitchens This weekend needed some feel-good baking and Marion Cunningham’s recipes have yet to let me down in that department. Pie has always been one of my comfort foods and I have apples to use up from my share in Super Chilly Farm’s Maine Heritage Apple CSA, so apple pie it […]

German Apple Pancake

photographs, text, and recipe by Megan Bedford I woke up early this morning, enjoying the full luxury of Sunday. For some time I pondered a short story I’ve been writing in my head for probably too long now, stretched comfortably across the length of my supportive pregnant-lady body pillow. When the sun rose high enough […]

Maine Apple Tar-Tah-Ta

text by Megan Bedford, photographs by Justin Gove Tar-Tah-Ta: It’s What’s For Breakfast It is 11 o’clock on a dreary Sunday morning and my husband Justin is rooting around the refrigerator for a slice of pizza while our friend Nicholas prepares something that he cannot spell for me. It sounds like “tar-tah-ta.” I’ve had this […]

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