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haiku by Kristen Lindquist If not for squirrels would the cat leave her bed? What gets me up?

He Thinks The Birds Should Come To Him

photograph by John Ames

A Very Fashionable Sculpture

photograph by John Ames With a cat for a hat and wearing a flowery underarm deodorant.

Money Cat

an excerpt from Maine Lingo: Boiled Owls, Billdads, & Wazzats by John Gould  MONEY CAT  A calico cat whose fur shows at least three or four colors. Mainers have always believed this oddity of color happens only in the female, and that if anybody ever finds it on a tomcat the thing will be “worth money.”


photograph by Jess Smith

We All Have Our Reasons: #1:39am

A recent email from Jonathan Ives: Sorry to write you late at night, but I was woken up by my cat a half hour ago and had a wonderful bonding experience that I would love to share. He had been sprayed in the face by another skunk — it’s been three weeks since his last […]


text and haiku by Kristen Lindquist A blue sky blue lips day, sunny but chilly. I tried to open a window so I could enjoy the spring air while I worked, which the cat seemed to appreciate, but I had to close it after a few minutes. So the cat hung out on a patch […]


haiku by Kristen Lindquist When I have a cold in the summer, my favorite home remedy is to fall asleep in the sun in my backyard and sweat it out. Home sick today, but with the yard still covered with crusty old snow, that wasn’t an option. But it was mild enough to open the solid wood […]

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